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No pain, no gain - the right technique when using the weighing saw is essential. Photo: proHolz Tirol
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A day full of discoveries

In the penultimate week of school, the vocational school for wood technology in Absam was transformed into a vibrant hotspot for around 300 pupils from Tyrolean secondary schools.

Once again this year, proHolz Tirol organised the popular Wood Olympics in cooperation with the Absam vocational school. The event familiarised the young participants with the diversity and importance of wood as a raw material.

On the school grounds and in the workshops, you could feel the good humour and joy of the pupils as they worked. The young people were given a playful insight into the fascinating world of wood as a raw material. They had the opportunity to test their manual skills at 18 varied stations. From sawing and planing to tricky quiz and guessing stations - the Wood Olympics offered an exciting mix of practical exercises and theoretical knowledge. The pupils took part with great enthusiasm and had a lot of fun and enjoyment on this action-packed day, which offered a welcome change before the summer holidays.

There were also plenty of demonstrations of modern technologies. For example, the pupils were able to experience first-hand how precisely and efficiently wood can be processed nowadays using a CNC machine and a laser. This showed just how advanced and technically demanding the carpentry and joinery professions are.

"We think it's really cool to work with wood and have a finished product in your hand at the end - especially if you've made it yourself. We also learnt a lot of new things. We didn't realise that wood is also used in toothpaste, for example," agreed Finja and Michaela from MS Rattenberg.

At the end of the day, there were also prizes to be won - as is usual at an Olympics. The best three classes won cash prizes sponsored by Hypo Tirol Bank for their class fund. First place went to class 3c from the secondary school in Hall. The class was able to take home 300 euros. Second place went to class 3a from Absam secondary school with 200 euros and third place went to class 4b from Rattenberg secondary school with 100 euros in prize money.

"The Wood Olympics 2024 was a complete success. "The industry is pleased to promote interest and enthusiasm for skilled trades through such events and to give young people valuable insights into possible career paths. The professions in the entire forestry and timber industry are professions with a future and offer diverse and interesting career opportunities," says proHolz Tirol CEO Manfred Saurer.

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