Parlour room with old fabric upholstery and table
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Furniture with history, true pieces of jewellery!

Even in a world characterised by a throwaway culture, there are people like Alexander Unterreiner who recognise the beauty and history in old furniture. As a master upholsterer, he runs the Unterreiner upholstered furniture workshop and has made it his mission not only to repair furniture, but to breathe new life into it.

Breathing new life into old furniture

In his workshop, cherished objects, valuable antiques and beautiful family heirlooms are carefully restored. Each piece of furniture tells its own story, and Alexander Unterreiner knows how to preserve these stories while maintaining the charm of the furniture. Whether it is a new upholstery, a repair or a restoration, Alexander Unterreiner's work focusses equally on functionality and value retention.

With a flair for timeless design and a passion for craftsmanship, the pieces of furniture are given a new lease of life. The furniture is not simply repaired, but transformed into unique, one-of-a-kind pieces with a love of detail and skilful craftsmanship.

The art of restoration

Alexander Unterreiner acts not only in terms of the aesthetic enhancement of the furniture, but also in terms of sustainability. Restoring and upholstering old furniture counteracts the cycle of the throwaway society. Instead of producing new things and wasting resources, new life is breathed into old things.

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