More from nature, more from life (c) dm
More from nature, more from life (c) dm
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In the centre of Graz, a city known for its culture and history, there is now a new green jewel: the first national park garden around a dm shop.

This initiative is part of dm's efforts in co-operation with the GLOBAL 2000 initiative to preserve and promote biodiversity. The National Park Garden is a biotope that harbours a wide range of native plant species, providing a safe home for local wildlife, from bees and beetles to hedgehogs and birds. The creation of such green oases is crucial as increasing soil sealing, industrial agriculture and pollution are jeopardising local biodiversity.

A flourishing landscape

In Graz, dm employees have joined forces to transform the open spaces around the dm shop in Plüddemanngasse into a flowering landscape. With a great deal of commitment and under the guidance of experts, they planted native plants and flowers that are not only beautiful to look at, but also make a valuable contribution to biodiversity. The use of artificial fertilisers, peaty soil and frequent mowing was deliberately avoided in order to protect the environment.

Everyone must do their bit

This campaign is part of dm's commitment to creating a total of 25,086 square metres of open space in a near-natural way and thus contributing to the protection of biodiversity. Since the start of the cooperation with the GLOBAL 2000 initiative, the National Park Garden has already grown by 1.5 million square metres. dm not only wants to protect the environment through initiatives such as the National Park Garden, but also to inspire its employees and customers to garden in harmony with nature.

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